We build your software.
We make you future proof.

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Software development

We build your software. We make you future proof.

Your demands are unique and your software solution should be too. Custom software is a leading source of competitive advantage for companies of all sizes in all industries. It’s not enough that software meets today’s problem – it needs to meet tomorrow’s problems as well. 4each specializes in developing custom software solutions that are scalable so you can compete far into the future.

4each specialises in outsourcing software development projects, based on the vision: software should follow your business processes, not the other way around. And traditional ERP cannot always do everything. That's where we come in. With a proven track record in custom software for (medium-sized and large companies) in Belgium and Europe. Let’s get digital…

Amazing end-products

Customised software
Cloud & web platforms
Apps & APIs


Food & agriculture
Environment & health
Legal services
Finance & insurance
Distribution & transport
IT & Consultancy

Why 4each?

+10 years of experience
Highly technically skilled
Small-scale & personal
Flexible & dynamic
Cost-effective solutions
"We reduce your workload and costs by creating, developing and integrating high-end web platforms, applications and tools. We design sites, build APIs, analyse performance bottlenecks, configure databases, compose architectures, integrate tools, develop algorithms, support applications, etc. If it's technically challenging, you've got our attention."
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About 4each

4each, that’s us

We make IT work for your business, with a team of dedicated software developers in Belgium and Romania. Outsourcing the full software package or (long/short) support for your own team – we can do it.

We also work on behalf of other software companies. Together we form a productive match, a trustworthy partner for the implementation of IT projects and outsourcing arrangements. From development, testing and project management to architecture... value all the way.


Are you planning your first product as a start-up, building a new product for your established company or interested in modernising an existing solution?


Challenges? Opportunities! We make your dream work. Out of the box, with the focus on your business continuity. This is how our experienced consultants help to turn your concepts and specifications into business-ready software that meets the highest quality standards. We can take full responsibility for developing and managing the entire project, from the first prototype to the finished product.

Join our team

And why not join us? We are always looking for talented and passionate professionals to join our team. Do you have what it takes to become one of us? At 4each you can advance your career, expand your knowledge and improve your expertise while working in a fun and challenging environment.

Looking for specialists in front-end and back-end development?

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Hire developers

Hire the best developers

Transform the way your customers and employees interact with your business through best in class applications created by our developers. Hire professional developers from 4each for visually impressive and functionally robust custom applications.

Our teams of software engineers can adapt to your needs. Here are some of the technologies we work with:

4each - NET apps in C#, F#, or Visual Basic - .NET MVC
4each - NET apps in C#, F#, or Visual Basic - .NET Core
4each - Mobile development - IOS
4each - Mobile development - Android
4each - Mobile development - Xamarin
4each - back-end development - Python
4each - Web development - Blazor
4each - Web design - html5
4each - Web design - css3
4each - Web development - PHP
4each - Database - SQLServer
4each - Database - MySQL
4each - Database - Oracle
4each - Web development - Angular-Js
4each - Web development - Node-Js
4each - Web development - javascript
4each - Web development - Jquery
4each - Web development - Bootstrap
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Our clients

Succes stories

Some of our projects

Customised ERP
Web applications
Machine interfaces
BDE - Betriebsdatenerfassung
MDE - Machinendatenerfassung
MES - Manufacturing execution system
QRM - Quick Response Manufacturing

The advantages

Complete transparency of the production processes
Less effort, fewer errors due to paperless production
Improving on time deliveries
Preventing express transports
Shorter throughput times due to reduction of idle times
General improvement in the quality of the data
Full traceability from raw material to finished product
4each - Vlassenroot - MES, ERP, EDI, Automation


  • Manufacturing
  • 2010 - present
  • Belgium, Poland, Germany
  • .NET Core, API, MEF, ReactiveUI, ...
  • SQL Server, Oracle
  • MES, ERP, EDI, Automation
  • Read more
4each - Prolaso - Desktop application development


  • Enterprise software
  • 2011 - present
  • Belgium
  • .NET, WPF
  • SQL Server
  • Desktop application
  • Visit
4each - Chocolateworld - ERP & MES system, BDE, MDE

Cw techniek

  • Manufacturing
  • 2010 -present
  • Belgium
  • .NET Core, Python, ASP.NET, Angular, ...
  • SQL Server, MySql
  • ERP & MES system, BDE, MDE
  • Read more
4each - Abramo - IT support, Navision


  • Food
  • 2020 - present
  • Belgium
  • SQL Server
  • IT support, Navision
  • Visit
4each - Sertius - Web application


  • Environmental
  • 2011 - present
  • Belgium
  • Web application
  • Visit
4each - Trinsy technics - Desktop application development

Trinsy technics

  • Enterprise software
  • 2011 - present
  • Belgium
  • .NET
  • SQL Server
  • Visit
4each - Ackinas - Desktop application development


  • Enterprise software
  • 2018 - 2018
  • Belgium
  • ASP.NET MVC, API, Angular
  • SQL Server
  • Web application
  • Visit
4each - VAC

VAC Machines

  • Machine building
  • 2018 - 2018
  • Belgium
  • .NET
  • Machine connection
  • Visit
4each - RegelMijnVerhuis - Web application development


  • Services
  • 2021 - 2021
  • Belgium
  • .NET, Blazor
  • Web application
  • Visit
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Our projects

Our greatest asset is the expertise of our employees. Our specialists work hard every day to deliver innovative solutions for our clients. We are committed to providing customized software solutions according to our clients' needs.

4each - Labortago


All-in-one solution to track your time and manage your business expenses!

4each - Vlassenroot


Shop Floor Data Collection

Would you like to come over and talk about your project with a nice cup of coffee? We are happy give you the right advice for all your web applications.

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4each - PDF

PDF Fill & Sign

App development à la carte for Regel Mijn Verhuis


Recent blogs

At 4each we like to keep busy. Want to know more about our latest software developments? Keep up to date with our news here.

4each - Labortago
13 Jun
Kim Van den Brande Time management

Time & expense management

All-in-one solution to track your time and manage your business expenses! Labortago makes it easy to track time and expenses, without driving yourself (or your team) crazy.

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4each - Software Development
12 Sep
Kim Van den Brande Outsource

Outsourcing IT projects

Keep IT projects internal or call in external assistance? Still not quite sure where to turn? We’ll offer you a glance of the advantages. There’s no doubt that the added value of IT outsourcing will also help your company move forward.

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4each - ChocolateWorld
12 Sep
Kim Van den Brande API, software

API link - HR2day and DzjinTonik

Want to get the HR module and production/planning talking for greater efficiency and optimisation of the data flow? Check, with an API link by 4each software development.

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