Pain-free time tracking.

Labortago - Time and expense management


Time and expense management

Track time & manage projects in one place

Labortago makes it easy to track time and expenses, while preventing financial surprises by maintaining an overview and establishing a streamlined workflow.

Are you already using a tool?

Are you manually entering timesheets? Still using spreadsheets to track expenses? Not sure if you’re billing your clients correctly? With Labortago you can accurately and effortlessly track your project time and expenses from anywhere, linked to specific projects and customers.

Labortago takes the big picture into account. For example, you can also request holidays, register sick days, insert receipts, charge transportation costs… No additional Excel sheets, Labortago is just one tool that covers everything. From data entry to billing and payroll.

Analyse project progress and profitability

No surprises, just raw data. Other features of the Labortago package include:

Draw up invoices based on your time records
All-in-one tool, including holidays
Timesheet data and smart reporting
Automate recurring tasks, add additional tasks
Enter client information and link data to specific clients and projects
Track expenses by project or customer

Manage your team better

Get a clear view of project progress in real-time and analyse and evaluate your project profitability. Get an overview of your earnings and spare your (freelance) business financial surprises with knowledge of which projects are the most profitable.

Save expenses
Save time
Keep control
Get more insight

Get more insights in your business processes with 4each

At 4each we developed Labortago with our core mission in mind: giving you more insight into your own company and internal processes. We’ll make you realise that paperwork and entering all data manually are things of the past, and that many processes can be automated while preventing many errors and saving you time and money. Developing custom MES & ERP packages and providing IT support to guide companies through their digital transformation.

We tackle all your IT challenges with custom packages, completely tailored to your company and budget. We’re not about off-the-shelf solutions: we only provide carefully curated and optimised software packages for your company and the people who actually have to use it. Such transitions aren’t always easy, and that’s why we’re here for you for the long run. We manage all this by providing consultancy and follow-up, and by fully immersing ourselves in your company and industry. We do this as part of the team.

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