HR module and planning tool

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HR module and planning tool

Duo with API link

HR2day and DzjinTonik. HR software and a production management tool. Then there’s the wish that they could talk, or HR to production at least – preferably automatically and one-way. Must be doable, we thought at 4each. With a proven track record in custom software development and API links we assisted the customer with data flow optimisation.

Help, multiple contracts

“Can you take care of integration between our package and the HR module of a Dutch television company?”, DzjinTonik asked us. Certainly, an API link does the magic.

So that’s DzjinTonik. An all-encompassing tool specifically developed for the audio-visual sector that takes care of the many aspects of the administrative part up to the production process, along with the management of locations, assets, people, planning, modules for fiction, budget control, Tax Shelter, invoicing, etc. And for the HR aspects the television company uses HR2day, being the innovative and complete HR software that it is.

The challenge: multiple contracts that are commonplace in the television sector. The duration of employment, days and hours, varying weeks… differences that must be represented in DzjinTonik.

Efficiency and optimisation thanks to Application Programming Interface

Time for automatic synchronisation. We created an interface between both systems, so that the activities of the HR department in HR2day could be synchronised in DzjinTonik. A real example: HR enters a holiday and after approval synchronisation takes place in the linked tool, the agenda of the employee is then immediately blocked. Also sickness absence: the employee brings a sick note in to HR, the data are entered in HR2day and automatically transferred to DzjinTonik. In short: the planning tool and the planner are immediately informed.

Less structured departments are certainly served by the API link. It already worked for each type of employee across all departments.

Advantages of the API link

Less administrative work
Fewer errors straight away
Improved communication
Planner always in the loop

And what does the customer say?

“Our efficiency has been given a boost since the go-live in March 2021. We have many temporary shows with a lot of planning and organisation at various locations. It is now useful that the planner immediately knows who can and when.”

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