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Arrange your utilities when moving to a new house, with a minimum of registrations.

Moving? Okay! Want to arrange your utilities? Check, arranged in no time with regelmijnverhuis.be. Especially since the company now uses a new application by 4each … state-of-the art technology to simplify processes and documentation during a move. In this way, Regel Mijn Verhuis can provide customers with optimal services, with a minimum of overhead costs.

The organizational side of a move can be quite a challenge. Leaving the burden to professionals, sounds much better, right? And for the utilities part… there’s Regel Mijn Verhuis. The company advises people in selecting electricity (and other utility) suppliers. Insurance, telecom, energy… they do it all. Because you know: applying for a water contract and transferring the gas and electricity go hand in hand with filling out various documents. Do you also hate this? 4each to the rescue, with customised software development

Reduction of administrative overhead costs

At the request of Regel Mijn Verhuis, we developed an application to reduce administrative overhead costs. The client who is moving can then enter his or her details once and select the required documents. The App completes a series of PDFs in the background. Thus, you enter your data once, and the system does the rest for all utility applications.

“Together with 4each, we first looked at the mandatory fields, so the data we absolutely need to get the various utilities in order. This has allowed 4each to come to a kind of wizard pool, which is able to fill in all documents that the client has selected, with a minimum of registrations. In the end, the client only receives an invitation to sign. That’s it. Easy peasy”, as Regel Mijn Verhuis would say.

Why such a tool? “Existing moving systems often do not have a module to simplify paperwork”, Kim Van den Brande of 4each says. “However, moving companies need a lot of information about the movers and their utilities. We were therefore happy to translate the question from Regel Mijn Verhuis into an application tailored to the sector. For the end customer, this comes down to quickly entering data on-line in the App, and all documents flow out in one go.”

Multi-use application

In the meantime, Regel Mijn Verhuis is experiencing the benefits, like:
Life is easier now that several PDFs are centrally controlled.
With returning clients, not everything has to be entered again. Historical data is uploaded and revalidated.
New categories and fields can always be created, workable for any PDF.
For example, the system can be used for different purposes, every time common data must be managed.

This means that there is also potential for other sectors There is now even talk concerning the usability of the application within real estate offices... so who knows. Multi-use trump!


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