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About Chocolate Worlde

Chocolate World and 4each have now already been working together for 10 years. Chocolate World is the world’s leading supplier and manufacturer of the largest assortment of polycarbonate moulds for chocolate makers, while continuously striving for the highest quality.

The company disposes of an ever-growing collection of no fewer than 1,500 different designs. A myriad collection of themes, in a variety of shapes and sizes to be transformed into polycarbonate chocolate moulds. Their widely-varied portfolio, ranging from the very traditional to more modern designs, guarantees that every chocolatier or manufacturer can find what they are looking for to express their passion for their craft.

The challenge

A smart production company is one that constantly has up-to-date insights into inventory and planning, and that’s exactly what our custom software offers. Chocolate World has an exceptionally wide range of products, so investing in an ERP and MES solution for the factory was the wise thing to do. Each system brings something different to the table, and we aimed to make them work seamlessly together.

Together with 4each, they built one integrated system capable of covering all the requirements in one solution:

Sales and inventory management
Materials management
Shop floor and machine data collection, which includes:
Complete transparency of the production processes
Less effort and fewer errors due to paperless production
Improving delivery in a timely manner and avoiding express transport
Shorter throughput times due to the reduction of downtime
General improvement in the quality of the data
Full traceability from raw material to finished product
Batch tracing
Collection of quality data and recording of working hours

In a short period of time, use of our solution has resulted in higher transparency in production. Putting those insights to good use significantly improved productivity.

The collaboration never ends

At 4each we believe businesses underestimate the power of custom software development. In a world that’s constantly changing, you have to be prepared with a system to support your unique manufacturing operations. If you want to enhance existing processes and/or introduce new ones, custom software will give you the highest return on investment (versus off-the-shelf tools), because it is especially tailored to your company’s needs, employees and processes.

We’re keen to provide fitting solutions for small production companies to big manufacturers with multiple locations. Let’s find the perfect way to organise and manage your business processes together. For the long term.

Let’s talk about IT

We build custom solutions specifically for the needs of your company. Do you want to improve your production process, just like we did at Chocolate World? Here are the four key factors we focus on when implementing new software:

Good preparation
We’d like to get to know your company and industry thoroughly. Let’s find out what makes your business unique.
Defining the problem clearly
By describing what frustrates you about the current way of working or what you’d like to see improved, we know which features and specifications to include in your custom software solution.
Being part of a larger whole
Software is not a product, it’s a service. It’s also never finished: as your company evolves, your company has to grow with it. We’d like to join you on the journey. 4each is part of the team!
Involving your employees
Software is only useful if it’s used effectively. That’s why we provide you with good training and continuous consultancy.


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